Wonderbread Prints

Jun 16th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

img_0417.jpgI am interested in the organic flow of thoughts and how one contemplation, during mental meanderings, weaves itself into another. I see my practice analogous to the act of having a conversation where participants start with one subject and meander to another in a creative, free, and organic way. It is similar to the German author W.G. Sebald whose stories undulate through seemingly disparate fictions, facts, memories, and narrative. Within the last two years my work has traversed through bread, fungus, fiber, lint rollers, dust mites, and so on. I glean, record, expose, map, in order to investigate the materiality of things.

Special thanks to jendanderson at printeresting.org for mentioning the prints in her post, January 14th, 2008! http://printeresting.org/2009/01/14/wonder-bread-prints