Mars Attacks Fragonard!, September 13th to October 4th

Sep 15th, 2008 by vanessa | 0

Come see Mars Attacks Fragonard! at the (106) Gallery, 106 S. Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan . This new show coincides with the three day International Sculpture Conference at the beginning of October in Grand Rapids, and combines elements of past installations Plot and Crystal World . Closing reception will be Friday, October 3rd from 6-10pm.

The show’s title was coined by Mel Andringa, director of CSPS | Legion Arts , describing my installation there in May ‘08 . Jean-HonorĂ© Fragonard created the rococo painting "The Swing" in 1767 in which a young nobleman receives an interesting view up his lady’s skirt while she is pushed into a provocative position (delightfully loosing a slipper in mid air) by her priest. Mars Attacks! is a Tim Burton science fiction film from 1996.

View outside the (106) Gallery: