Maine Lichen and Moss

Jan 24th, 2009 by vanessa | 0

Maine Lichen and MossThe moss collecting hobby in the late 19th Century led to the establishment of mosseries in British and American gardens. For a dynamite mossery, see http://…/dsmoss.jpg. While the images here were taken in the forest behind my backyard in Maine, the following is a recipe for growing moss and some related thoughts on green art.

For growing moss, you will need:

1-½ cups of buttermilk
2 teaspoons of sugar

Add a handful of moss to the blender. Add the sugar. Pour buttermilk and blend to mix the ingredients and to break the moss into small pieces. Pour the mixture onto the areas where you want the moss to grow.

For more on moss recipees see

Certainly since the Romantics on, artists are environmentally aware, and have catalyzed the environmental movement. “Green politics” was founded by Joseph Beuys and there is interest in the arts community for environmentally sustainable products and environmental issues. A project I’m presently looking into, Amy Franceschini’s, et al., “Victory Gardens 2007+” is exemplar in creative practice and green thinking.

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