'Mapping / Tracing'

South LA Edible Gardens

Feb 17th, 2011 by vanessa | 0

South Los Angeles, my new neighborhood since 2010, is home to kind and diverse people in a vibrate landscape situated between urban and suburban.  Yet even with its affordable, the area is lacking a much-needed component to a healthy lifestyle: fresh and inexpensive produce. Over the course of the last year, a group of us are joining others looking for an internal fix: helping set up edible gardens in South LA homes, and teaching folks how to care for their gardens.

Our goal is to empower community residents to grow delicious and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right in their own backyard. Green Grounds (the name of our organization) hosts monthly “Dig-Ins,” free and open to all.   Check out our next Dig-In, February 26th, by keeping up-to-date at http://lagreengrounds.org.

Nitpickers, April 2nd extended to June 1st

Mar 27th, 2008 by vanessa | 0

Nitckpickers at Legion Arts | CSPS in Cedar Rapids.


Estonia: Impact 5

Nov 16th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

tallinn_bunny_combined1.jpgIn October 07 I was invited to participate on an International collaborative project and present at “Impact 5,” a biennial print conference held in a different country each year. I spent 8 days in Tallinn, Estonia and worked on a collaboration that was then presented to the public as an installation.

Performance: Knitting on Paper

Sep 25th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

img_2220.JPGMonotrace on a sheet of clear plastic. A knitting mistakes included to create a stretched, torn, and worn fiber mesh feel. Drawing a line is simply the documentation of a performance. The knitted structure is two feet wide and approximately five feet tall. Here, the prints or virtual fiber mesh growths organically as sections are added through time.

(Re)Searching Translatability

Sep 17th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

dsc06124.jpgInstallation focusing on the relationships created by smell, food, fungus, and scale. The baked objects, containing flour / detergent / yeast / soap / ramen noodles, are hybrid experiments referencing mad science. They are treated as specimen, dissected, documented, and meticulously labeled to become abject microcosmic dissections. Much like a visual haiku, half a loaf of bread is positioned next to a gigantic fungus.

Various dimensions

Jun 18th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

milkcartonresized.jpgRe-assembled from the architectonic designs of milk cartons after they were printed on different surfaces, such as knitted wool or shop rags. With minimalist fascination, by the angles and planes of intersection, the cartons are translated into two-dimensional prints and sculpted objects. The removal from the carton’s function for consumption, its transference onto cloth and its three- dimensional reconfiguration out of other material, refers to some sort of intimacy, mythology, and Joseph Beuys-like aesthetic.

Drawing: Pancakes

Jun 16th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

scan61.jpg Alongside the installation, that used dried pancakes to mimic tree fungus, I also drew the yellow, flat, disks. I documented the various stages of the pancakes via detailed sketches leading me to further investigations on food; drawing parallels to scientific research and centrifugal forces. In the United States pancakes are known to be thick, round, and dry. In England they are thin, slightly oiled and taste best rolled up with sugar in the middle. In Egypt they are eaten as a snack, folded in half, deep-fried and soaked in sugar. The creation of a pancake has fascinated me since childhood as I watched my mother make Pfannkuchen.

Collecting and Mapping Residue: Lint Roller Portraits

Jun 13th, 2007 by vanessa | 0

o8.jpgWhenever used, the sticky roll traces its environment and creates an index. It accumulates what washing machines or vacuums have neglected and partakes in the cycle of personal cleanliness. The lint roller’s function, to collect and transfer detritus, is what interest me in them. Perhaps this series is ultimately overshadowed by my other work but ranks amongst my favorite projects conceptually.